Relaxing Detox Bath: Self Care During Quarantine

Hello beautiful ladies – and gents! This past month has been insane, and I know a lot of y’all can relate. It feels like every single aspect of my life has been turned upside down. From having to do school from home, to not being able to hangout with my friends, the change has been stressful and emotional, as I know it has been for y’all as well. However by staying home not only are you protecting yourself and people more at risk, you are also helping healthcare employees all over the world as they struggle to keep up with numbers during this healthcare pandemic and I just want to say THANK YOU! You’re amazing 🙂

That being said, lets get into the post! During this extremely stressful time, it’s important to remember to take care of the person who matters the most – you! Self care is SO extremely important, I can’t say it enough. One of the things I’ve learned is best mental health, is taking 1 hour a week to have a relaxing detox bath. This has so many benefits its impossible to cover all of them in this post, but the three are: inflammation, balancing skin Ph, and relaxing tense muscles. Not to mention it can bring you back to your “little kid playing with rubber ducky” days. So without further ado, the detox bath necessities:


Bubbles are honestly just so much fun. It’s physically impossible to say bubbles without smiling, so I guess you could say they are a remedy for frowns.

white salt on glass jar


Epsom salt helps a lot with balancing skin Ph levels and relaxing muscles, so it’s kind of a 2-in-1 combo. Relaxing your muscles helps your body naturally reduce stress and anxiety. When your skin’s Ph is unbalanced, it will tend to be either too dry, too oily, or have more redness, but Epsom salts really help combat that. I actually use a bath salt combo, which has both Epsom salt and sea salt in it.

three brown glass bottles on white table


I’ve never really been into essential oils, but I use a lavender one almost every day. This helps prevent muscle inflammation, which I’m genetically prone too. It also is proven to help balance skin Ph, and reduce redness in the skin.

black Android smartphone


Ok, last but not least, you need a relaxing, self confidence playlist, with music you adore. Personally, I’ve been soaking it up with some country Taylor Swift, but sometimes I just turn on some calming spa music. (Yes, that’s a real genre…)

Thank y’all so much for reading my post! I hope y’all are staying safe during these crazy times, and know that I’m praying for you!

❤ – Tryphena


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13 thoughts on “Relaxing Detox Bath: Self Care During Quarantine

  1. Since quarantine, I’ve not sat down and unwinded in a bath. However, you’ve certainly inspired me too! And I’m also not feeling great at the moment, so I hope a bath might clear my senses. Thank you for staying at home! Continue to do your amazing work x

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  2. I will definitely be having a detoxing bath hopefully tomorrow! I haven’t had one since quarantine started, but I have been trying to un-wind through face masks and using my scent steamer 😊 This post was so inspiring and important – well done for another beautiful post! ☀️

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      1. Aw anytime Tryphena! I learnt a lot of new things in your post, especially about the pH of your skin! 😊 Characoal face masks are really nice – my preference is doing clay masks ❣

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    1. Yes! I also use it on my acne, because it helps reduce inflammation/skin redness. But if you try it, I would suggest mixing it with coconut oil because it can irritate your skin if you’re not used to it.

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