My Top 3 Secrets to Living Stress Free (Exclusively to Students)

Hello friend! Its been a while 🙂 I’m so excited because we are finally just over halfway through January! School is now back in full swing and I’m happily chugging away at my work and having lots of fun while at it. This weekend we have swimming districts and I’m so excited to compete are represent my school!

All of this is awesome, and if I’m being honest sometimes its easy to get caught up worrying about everything I have to do, which is why I am sharing my 3 secrets to staying stress free (student edition) You can’t stop stress but you can prevent it!

Take a Deep Breath

This is so important on so many levels I can’t talk about it enough; stop pushing yourself to the point of breaking. It’s okay if you aren’t the student who is class president and swim team captain and the lead in the newest play and is involved in a dozen other clubs. You need some me-time and that’s okay.

I understand. We, the billions of other students and even working adults in this world, we understand. Want to know why? Because that’s me. I want to be in every extra-curricular possible and I want to have the best grades and be a fully invested member of my church who serves every Sunday, but the reality is that at some point I’m going to have to pick and choose which ones I’m going to delete so that I can have some me-time. Go for a walk. Try out that new coffee shop. Read your favorite blog 😉 It’s okay, we understand.

Put Down Your Phone

We live in a social media age. Our lives revolve around the lives and opinions of the people around us. That’s just how we were raised. If the people around us don’t like what we’re doing, whether it’s on social media or through other forms of communication (Yeah that one called talking…not sure if it still works or anything but it’s possible…)

So yes. Put down your phone. Stop looking at how many text messages you have or likes you have on your Instagram post. And listen I know I’m preaching to myself too. Try to go 2 Hours every day (When you’re awake) without your phone. Don’t even check it. Whatever important business you have can wait, trust me.

Get Some Great Friends You Can Count On

I don’t think I can say this enough, and that’s because I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to count on my friends to get me through an otherwise chaotic week. Its always comforting to know that if I forgot my lunch I can ask a friend for some cash to buy some or if I spilled sometjing on my shirt I can borrow a new one. I’m not saying you should use your friends, but you should be able to count on them to come through when it counts.

That’s it! Those are my top 3 secrets to living stress free! Of course you can’t prevent having a crazy week, but you can always make your life easier 🙂 what do you usually do to deal with stress? Let me know in the comments down below!

Happy Studying,

Noel White

Why Every Girl Should Read Michelle Obama’s Book BECOMING

This year America’s former First Lady, Michelle Obama published her unique and female-enpowering memoir titled BECOMING. Although, as with most celebrities, I don’t completely agree with all of her opinions, I really enjoyed reading her book and learning more about what made her and President Obama the driven powerhouse couple that they are.

And that was what I was expecting. Before reading the memoir, I read several reviews that said it was just that, but the book also came with some surprises.

In her 3-part life story, Michelle walks you through the struggles she went through to get to where she is today, both as an African-American but also as a female on a male-dominated world. She talks about heartbreak and triumph and love and her own personal struggles. She talks about what it was like to loose several of her mentors and close friends. She talks about how hard it was to be a mom and the First Lady at the same time.

My favorite part about the whole book is how Michelle doesn’t make the book about her. She brings in people who were close to her and some who weren’t and even you, and she talks about how hard she wanted to work to make our world a better place.

Although one could argue that Michelle brings too much politics into her book, I personally believe that she had a good balance; she wasn’t overly persuasive with it and even talks avout how much she HATES the political division in America today.

For any girl that wants to be a part of the working world, and even those that don’t, Michelle’s book is inspiring because her story encourages girls to go after their passions, whatever they are.

What is one of your favorite inspiring books? Have you read Michelle Obama’s Book? If so what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading,

Noel White

Productivity Problem? The Secrets to Staying Productive When Youve Hit a Slump

Hello to all of my beautiful readers! This post has been super hard to write, while also super easy at the same time. It’s January now! If you’re like me you’ve probably just hit your “I don’t want to do work right now” point of the year. Is it just me or is that a thing?

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5 Things I Learned During My Unplanned Haitus

Hello there friend! So I’m sure youve probably noticed this but recently I took a break from the world of blogging. And I’m not talking a short “two weeks break and I’m done” Haitus I’m talking two months no social media no comments no likes: nothing.

First I want to say I’m sorry. This blog wouldn’t be possible without so many incredible and amazing followers and readers like you. Why? Because you guys encourage me, and because this blog isn’t just for me it’s for you too.

Next I’m going to be honest: I took tuis hiatus entirely for selfish reasons. I needed to focus on school and sports and finding myself amidst growing depression, anxiety, and I think I finally have. And this leads me to my first point of this spur of the moment blog post:

It’s Okay to Be Selfish Sometimes

Yes. I just said that. “But sharing is caring!” Yes but share with yourself FIRST. I can’t help you guys if I’m drowning in my own problems and dilemmas. If I’m failing a class or if I’m incredibly stressed while getting ready for school then something needs to change.

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Sometimes We Don’t Realize How Much Things Consume Us

This blog was consuming my life. Literally. And not all in bad ways. It has become a place where I’m not afraid to express myself and how I view the world. I’m not afraid to talk about things I’ve gone through and give y’all some good advice, but in some ways it was taking up way too much time. I was spending a minimum of 3 hrs every week on blog posts and Pinterest and instagram alone and that doesnt count contacting companies and trying to get sponsors. In short this blog was consuming so much time and energy, and I didnt even realize until I took a break.

It’s Okay to be Confident in Your Decisions

I’m not by nature a confident person, in fact I like to maintain a steady stream of questions challenging my ideals because in the end I know that I will choose what I believe in. During my haitus I’ve had to make loads of hard decisions and some of them were hard to stand by, but now looking back on them I’m POSITIVE I made the right decision.

We Are All Beautiful In Our Own Unique Way

As humans, especially as girls in todays society, we are constantly comparing ourselves with the people around us. Because of our social media apps, we are constantly seeing people’s good sides and are forced to compare ourselves with a, lets be honest, unrealistic standard. But I’m here right now to tell you that you are beautiful and you are enough, and you might not be like that celebrity on tv but thats because you are uniquely you.

I am Strong Enough to Overcome Life’s Greatest Challenges

The biggest reason I took a break was because I was dealing with some serious self-hate and anxiety and stress, and although these were mostly internal problems, they were hard for me to cope with for a while. Even now I don’t have it all together, but thats okay because I’ve learned ways to fight back. Sometimes when you feel the thoughts of “you’re not good enough” coming in you have to replace them with “I AM more than enough”

Thank you all SO SO much for reading my small insignificant post! What are some major life lessons you’ve learned this year? I’d be so so happy to read them! Comment down below.


Noel White

The Easiest and Yummiest Glazed Lemon and Blueberry Scones

Disclaimer: By making this recipe, I do not in any way claim to like mornings

Good-morning sunshine! Wakey-wakey because today is a new and Gorgeous day, and you are going to do great things! Okay, yes you caught me. I’m ACTUALLY writing this at midnight, because I really don’t like mornings.

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Important Announcement!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m changing my blog name and site address! This means that you will still be following the blog, but that it’ll just have a new name! Want to know what the name is?






Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you on the other side!


Noel White

Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards

I’m so excited for Galentine’s day, aren’t you? EEEK!!! Okay so I am currently single which I will probably talk about sometime soon… The main reason why is because I don’t believe that I need a boyfriend to be happy. I have a bunch of friends who are guys, and we hang out and have fun, but we’ve all kind of come to an understanding that we don’t need to date. But that is all a discussion for another day…maybe. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a post about why I believe in staying single while you’re young! Continue reading “Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards”

DIY Wanderlust Imprinted Candle

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been feeling really artsy, and as I’m also in the process of redesigning my room to a wanderlust/adventure/boho theme, I thought I’d share some of my crafts with you! This craft is a candle with a map imprinted on it, but you can also do this with any design, including photos or your own art. This is how you do it!

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