The Easiest and Yummiest Glazed Lemon and Blueberry Scones

Disclaimer: By making this recipe, I do not in any way claim to like mornings

Good-morning sunshine! Wakey-wakey because today is a new and Gorgeous day, and you are going to do great things! Okay, yes you caught me. I’m ACTUALLY writing this at midnight, because I really don’t like mornings.

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Important Announcement!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m changing my blog name and site address! This means that you will still be following the blog, but that it’ll just have a new name! Want to know what the name is?






Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you on the other side!


Noel White

Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards

I’m so excited for Galentine’s day, aren’t you? EEEK!!! Okay so I am currently single which I will probably talk about sometime soon… The main reason why is because I don’t believe that I need a boyfriend to be happy. I have a bunch of friends who are guys, and we hang out and have fun, but we’ve all kind of come to an understanding that we don’t need to date. But that is all a discussion for another day…maybe. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a post about why I believe in staying single while you’re young! Continue reading “Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards”

DIY Wanderlust Imprinted Candle

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been feeling really artsy, and as I’m also in the process of redesigning my room to a wanderlust/adventure/boho theme, I thought I’d share some of my crafts with you! This craft is a candle with a map imprinted on it, but you can also do this with any design, including photos or your own art. This is how you do it!

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10 Diy Christmas Decorations That Everyone Needs in Their Home

Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!!! In case you haven’t noticed, it is already December 11th, or in other places of the world, December 12th, which for me is really big. I live my year in expectation of the fun, bright, and fantastic Christmas Season.Diy Christmas Decorations

When my family decorates for Christmas, we all get together, drink eggnog, and listen to Christmas carols while we hang up our favorite homemade ornaments and laugh to (or above) our heart’s desire. There is honestly nothing more beautiful than that.

Oversized Popsicle Stick Snowflakes by Making Home Base

DIY Oversized Snowflakes copy

Finally a logical and good use for popsicle sticks. And they are so cute!


Diy Old Book Page Ornaments by Tifani Lyn

These are absolutely beautiful. A little bit of rustic, a little bit of glam and you can’t go wrong. 😉

Lighted Burlap Garland by Create Craft Love

Lighted Burlap Garland for Christmas

Like I said before, a little bit of rustic, a little bit of glam, and you can’t go wrong. This one will make anywhere seem like home.

DIY Sparkle Branches by Happily Ever Borrowed

Okay, so this glorified tree branch reminds me of the story of the Twelve Princesses, where they walk through the silver forest, except in real life. I literally just love the thought of a silvery sparkly branch that I don’t argue with the fact that glitter will get everywhere.

The Lighted Grapevine Snowman Wreath by Crafty Morning


This little guy is so cute, homey, and just lights me up. (That pun was definitely intended)

Diy Christmas Garland by Vicky Barone

DIY Merry Christmas Garland

If all else fails, make a garland. It’s literally so easy, you can find the supplies almost anywhere, and it instantly cheers up any space.

Diy Glitter Deer Head by Hey Lauren Rene

DIY Glitter Deer Head

Although one of the more extensive projects on the list, I’m pretty sure all of us can agree that the glitter reindeer head is simply fabulous.

Diy Stocking Holder by The Home Depot Blog

DIY Decor: Decorative Stocking Holder on a Rustic Christmas Mantel


Was anything ever and darling as this? I want one so badly, so if you’re gonna give me a gift. 😉

DIY Cardboard Star by Grey Luster Girl


This is so amazing that at first I thought it was painted metal, but no. It’s a cardboard star!

Pinecone Christmas Trees by Babble

So cute like a mini forest! Can you say no to these little charmers?

Diy Snowman Mason Jar Vase by Weekend Craft

DIY Snowman Mason Jar Vase

This one officially breaks the “No Snowmen in the House” rule…but it’s worth it, even my mom agrees.

And that officially wraps up my post.

Have a very merry Christmas,

Noel White

Diy Christmas

Liebster Award!!!!

Okay, so I don’t usually write posts except on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this post deserved a little bit of breaking the rules…I got nominated for the Liebster Award! First off I’d like to thank Josie from Write Through the Night for nominating me. (Not only that, but I was the first one on her list!)

Image result for liebster award

Here Are The Rules:

1. acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award

2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself

4. Nominate 11 blogs

5. Notify those blogs of their nomination

6. Give them 11 questions to answer


So, as you can see, it’s a bit of a chain effect, but it’s also a great way for blogs no get noticed and be friendly to other bloggers.

Here are the questions Joce gave me:

If you could only read books by one author for your whole life, who would it be?

Can I just read books by ever author? There are so many good ones that its so hard to choose because each author has a different world trapped inside of them, but I guess if I had to choose I’d choose C.S. Lewis. He has so many books and all of them are so good!

Image result for the chronicles of narnia


Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or one made of chocolate?

Definitely chocolate, as long as it would magically regenerate and wouldn’t melt in the sun! Because honestly I would probably stop every once and a while to have a snack!

Image result for chocolate house

You have $200,000 to travel the world– where would you go

Everywhere! That’s a lot of money, and I really just like flying to new places and exploring their culture and natural beauty and architecture.

What’s your opinion on eating while reading?

It’s like eating popcorn while watching a movie! It makes it 10x more exciting! Especially when you’re drinking hot cocoa and eating cookies and reading books!

Favorite sport?

Swimming! I’m a competitive swimmer and have been for several years now. (Key word competitive. I am very very competitive)

A person lane swimming in a pool, wearing a cap

Are you more of a talker or a listener?

I’m more of a listener, or prefer the term observer. When I go to parties I just sit in that small secluded corner and observe everyone for inspiration for stories and poems.

Which food group could you never live without?

Vegetables. I love vegetables…I know this is kind of weird but if I just have a bag of prewashed lettuce, I’ll be happy.

A basket of red onions, carrots, and white onions on a table in Erlangen

Weirdest/most unpopular opinion that everyone judges you for?

This is a hard one. I don’t know. I’m very quiet about my opinions, but I’m a Christian and some people don’t really agree with my worldview because of that.

Describe yourself in one word

Creative. I like to think that I’m very creative and write good stories and poetry. (You guys can be the judges of that.)

If you had to rip off the covers of every single book you own, or give them all away (and never own any again) would you do it?

Yes! I wouldn’t risk getting rid of my amazing collection of the best books ever written. I love my books, and most of them are falling apart because they’ve been read so many times anyways.

A library with filled bookshelves and blurred light bulbs hanging from the ceiling

Best thing to do to kill free time.

Adventuring! My motto is this: There is not time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this. And it’s true! Why sit around when you can be off exploring an amazing place! That and writing about my life on my blog.

A person throwing their hands up in the air on the edge of a tall jagged rock


Now 11 random facts about me:

My favorite candy is Reese’s

My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper

I am 14

I’ve never lived in one place for more than 3 years

I play piano

I’m not a very good artist

I love cooking

This is my third blog I’ve ever started, and by far the most successful

I have pronounce “aunt” like a proper New Englander

My favorite movies are the Star Wars episodes!


Who I Nominate:

Laura @ Living My Life Like Me

Julie @ Book Worm Julia

ThatGirl4Ever @ ThatGirl4Ever

Haya @ Random Thoughts By Haya

Erin @ KittyJade

Kathryn @ Blooming With The Wildflowers

Ennie @ On the Wings of A Dream

Gracie @ Through The Eyes Of Gracie

Gianna @ Gianna and Gemini

Soph @ Love Soph

Sage & Clover @ Coastal Twins


Their Questions:

What is/are your favorite TV Shows?

What is one thing you’d like to become better at?

What was the last gift you received?

What is a long term goal of yours?

What is your dream day?

What do you do when you’re bored?

If you could try any job for a week, which job would you choose?

What is one weird thing about you?

Do you prefer staying home, or going out and about?

If you became president, what is the first thing you would do?

What is your biggest pet peeve?


Thanks again to Josie from Write Through The Night, and be sure to check out the other blogs.


Noel White