Thoughts on Love + A Love Poem

I think love can be a beautiful thing. It happens everyday, yet when it happens to us we treat it like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us, and the truth is, it is. I don’t know about you, but I know what it’s like to be totally head over heels for someone, and I know what it’s like to be rejected for someone else. I’m not judging anyone for leaving me. If you didn’t feel the same way, then there’s no reason why you should be forced into a relationship because you feel bad for me. I was hurt, and I did cry, but I picked myself up again. Continue reading “Thoughts on Love + A Love Poem”

A Love Story: An Original Poem

So, before you read this amazing poem, I want to give you a bit of background on the inspiration for this AMAZING story…

Pencil, Sharpener, Notebook, Paper

This is a poem based on my parents relationship and the relationships of some close family members. So, all in all, this is a fictional poem, but I really felt like it held a lot of emotions and like it expressed how our lives are truly a story greater than we can realize in a small moment. This is a poem about living. This is a poem about love. This is a poem about parenthood. This is a poem about life.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and have a happy happy week,

Noel White



Couple, Dawn, Dusk, Love, Man, Outdoors

The joy in his eyes,

As she says the word “yes;

The kiss for forever;

The cake on her dress.

Pretty Woman, Happy, Young, Female

A sliver of the sun;

A rainbow in the sky.

The eyes of a mother;

A baby’s first cry.

Daisy, Grass, Simple, Nature, Close-Up

A field of daisies

In a summer’s new day;

The giggles of children

As they run and play.


Military, Camouflage, Family, Life

The tears of his wife

As he says goodbye

The fear of forever

The questions of why



Sun Flower, Flower, Yellow Flower, Bloom

The beauty of the storm

The way the sun shone

The hug of a daughter

When her dad came home


Milky Way, Starry Sky, Night Sky, Star

A wish upon a star

A wound newly mended

An everlasting scar

A misery ended.



Shrine, Tombstone, Red Rose

The rose of a lover

The heart you’ll always save

The sickness that took her

The husband at the grave
Road, Haze, Fog, InfrastructureThe son who grew up strong

The daughter so loving

The end of a long road

A new story beginning.