Productivity Problem? The Secrets to Staying Productive When Youve Hit a Slump

Hello to all of my beautiful readers! This post has been super hard to write, while also super easy at the same time. It’s January now! If you’re like me you’ve probably just hit your “I don’t want to do work right now” point of the year. Is it just me or is that a thing?

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5 Places to See Before I’m 25

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I love travel and adventure…it just makes me so so happy and feel so free. I actually love travel and adventure so much, that I want to take a two year break between highschool and college just to travel the world. Like how fun does that sound? But anyways, here is my roundup of places I want to see before I’m 25:


  1. Paris

Paris, France, Eiffel Tower, Night

Okay, so I know it sounds really cliche, but doesn’t EVERY teenage girl want to go to Paris? I’ve almost gone TWICE, yet I missed the golden opportunity both times. Literally, nothing is more depressing than that. But think about it: The glass pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the glimmering city lights, the beautiful architecture…what is not to love about Paris?

2. Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, Fang A Three Car, Rio De Janeiro

Even before the 2016 olympicsI have wanted to go to Rio de Janerio.And added bonus would  be going on an Amazon tour.


3.  Australia

Sky, Sunset, Darwin, Mangrove, Horizon

Australia is the ultimate goal from the beaches to the coral reefs to the outback, it’s is full of Adventures!


4. Italy

Florence, Italy, Sky, Church, Tuscany

Italy is known for its history and architecture and oh my, the wonderful food… especially the pasta, pizza, and gelato.

5. Greece

Oia, Santorini, Greece, Sunset, Island

Craggy coastlines and lots of history make this country the ultimate travel destination.


Thanks so much for reading my random thoughts, and be sure to comment below which of these places you want to visit the most!

Thanks again,

Noel White