Not So Useless: 12 Recipes Using a Waffle Iron (That Aren’t Waffles)

Hey everybody! How many of you all love waffles? Yeah me too. But have you also sometimes thought about how practically useless a waffle maker is? I mean you use it to make one thing, and as delicious as waffles are, they don’t quite do it justice. That’s why I’ve researched 12 recipes you can make using a waffle maker, and bonus points, they were all created by amazing people!


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11 Outfits For Fall and Spring

Hey y’all*! I’m sorry about my rather periodic absences the past few weeks. As I told you all before, things have been a little rough for me, and even though I was working hard to have posts ready, they weren’t. However, before I began my #conquerhatewithlove challenge, I had written up several posts, (this is one of them) which I have made sure will be posted on time.

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How To Show Kindness and Who Won Last Week’s Giveaway

Hey everyone! Sorry about the radio silence. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t seem to get everything done? Then when you TRY to get something done, the world comes at you like a hurricane and you can’t find any peace? Yeah pretty much my life the past week. I mean month. I mean year. What I feel like is that as soon as the world knows that you’re doing something right, it has to keep on getting you down so you’re NOT doing ANYTHING right. Is it just me? I feel like this needs to be a whole post but, alas, I don’t have any time for that between dealing with regular life, and everything that isn’t normal…yeah I’m like a complete mess right now. I’ll be better by Wednesday, promise!

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Top 5 Inexpensive Stores You Need to Visit Right Now

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Dear Future Self + Unselfie Challenge Winner!!!!


As I stated in my last post, one of the first items on my 2018 Bucket List is to write a letter my myself and open it in a year. So here it goes! Hope you guys enjoy reading it! BTW I used the source Future Me…if any of you are interested! They’ll send you an email of your letter in any amount of time you ask them to.

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5 Gifts for Adventurers

I’m pretty sure that all of us have a bit of an adventurer spirit. Some of us recognize that and nurture our inner adventurer, while others are…not so good at that. Either way, this is a list of 5 Gifts You Can Give Adventurers. As an adventurer myself I can tell you that adventurers will love these charming beautiful gifts!

Adventure Fund Jar Via Amazon

This is such a cute gift, especially since a lot of us are pinching our pennies to be able to travel abroad. This is just such a good way to remind ourselves to save up for the better reward.

The 50 States Photo Map USA Via Thunder Bunny Labs on Esty

Am I the only one who does most of her traveling in the USA? I’ve seen so many amazing places and I wish I had something as amazing as this to keep my photos in!

Globe Necklace via 3BeadDesigns on Esty

This is so cute! It is simple and commemorates to something that is a huge part of any adventurer-their love of the world!

Adventure Pillows via Modestlivingdesign on Esty

Is there any better way to fall asleep than to be reminded that Adventure Awaits, either in your dreams or in reality? Or maybe they await if you only chase your dreams.

Vintage Wanderlust Map Watch via Sugar Cotton

Vintage Wanderlust Map Watch

This is simply charming. Was there ever a better way to keep track of time than to know that with ever minute a new place is beckoning you to explore it?

 Gifts for Adventurers

Thank you all so so much for reading my post! Be sure to comment below which gift you would give the adventurer in your life, or which gift you would want to receive as an aspiring adventurer yourself!

Love you all,

Noel White

5 Places to See Before I’m 25

Airport, Transport, Woman, Girl, Tourist

I love travel and adventure…it just makes me so so happy and feel so free. I actually love travel and adventure so much, that I want to take a two year break between highschool and college just to travel the world. Like how fun does that sound? But anyways, here is my roundup of places I want to see before I’m 25:


  1. Paris

Paris, France, Eiffel Tower, Night

Okay, so I know it sounds really cliche, but doesn’t EVERY teenage girl want to go to Paris? I’ve almost gone TWICE, yet I missed the golden opportunity both times. Literally, nothing is more depressing than that. But think about it: The glass pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the glimmering city lights, the beautiful architecture…what is not to love about Paris?

2. Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, Fang A Three Car, Rio De Janeiro

Even before the 2016 olympicsI have wanted to go to Rio de Janerio.And added bonus would  be going on an Amazon tour.


3.  Australia

Sky, Sunset, Darwin, Mangrove, Horizon

Australia is the ultimate goal from the beaches to the coral reefs to the outback, it’s is full of Adventures!


4. Italy

Florence, Italy, Sky, Church, Tuscany

Italy is known for its history and architecture and oh my, the wonderful food… especially the pasta, pizza, and gelato.

5. Greece

Oia, Santorini, Greece, Sunset, Island

Craggy coastlines and lots of history make this country the ultimate travel destination.


Thanks so much for reading my random thoughts, and be sure to comment below which of these places you want to visit the most!

Thanks again,

Noel White