Ten Tips for Awesome IPhone Photography

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a post with the amazing Sibra! She’s an amazing friend from Instagram who is a poet and photographer and just honestly so inspiring! (Haha I like bragging on people, can you tell?) Anyways, I have a huge juicy secret to spill…are you ready? Okay here it is: Every single one of my photos on this blog, was taken with an IPhone. That’s right. I don’t own a camera…but they have all still come out wonderful! here are some of my favorite photos (Taken by myself of course!)

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Five Ways to Spread Kindness + Diy Card Ideas

Hey guys! It’s Noel! Today’s post is going to be a bit different! I’m going to be sharing a post by my friend Kaytlyn.

Kaytlyn is such an inspiration to me, and others around her! Her blog is simply amazing, and I strongly suggest that you check her out! Some of her ideas include making a card, crafting something for them, and helping them out around the house! I’m so excited to share this post with you and I hope you check it out! You can see it HERE.

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