How Taking Care Of Yourself Affects Other People + Self Care Ideas

I used to be the type of girl who spent all of her time thinking about how she could help other people. I’m busy between blogging and school and work and sports and church…but with what free time I had I would spend time on other people, like with my #conquerhatewithlove Giveaway. Continue reading “How Taking Care Of Yourself Affects Other People + Self Care Ideas”

#conquerhatewithlove Campaign and Giveaway

Dear World,

Originally I was going to post about some of my favorite music, but I changed my mind due to current events in our world today. On Wednesday the 14th, a former student of Parker High School, Nikolas Cruz, started shooting at his school. There were 17 dead, and many more in the hospital. This horrible event happened on Valentine’s Day, the day of means that even on the day which everyone is supposed to feel loved, one individual didn’t. Continue reading “#conquerhatewithlove Campaign and Giveaway”

The Unselfie Challenge + Giveaway

Hey everyone! I’m super excited for Christmas…so so so excited. Sometimes when we are around the holiday season, it is so easy to forget the reason for the season…to put others before ourselves. So in this last week before Christmas I want to encourage all of you to think less about yourselves and more about others.

Unselfie Challenge

Here are the rules: For every one of the tasks listed below, or something that you did for someone else that is not on this list, you get 1 raffle in the giveaway!


Make cookies or another treat and take them to your neighbor

Eat lunch with someone who often sits alone at work or school

Buy the food or coffee for the person behind you in line

Volunteer somewhere with a friend

Write an encouraging note/letter to someone special to you

Offer to babysit for free for parents who need a night out

Return shopping carts for people at the grocery store

Send an encouraging text to five people in one day

A stack of receipts next to a coffee with espresso art on it

These are just a few ideas and I’d love to hear about what everyone does! The giveaway is for a beautiful bookmark set, and a beautiful necklace!!! The more times you enter, the more of a chance you have to win!


Note: The Giveaway ends on January 3rd

To access the giveaway, click here.

Thanks so much, and I’m so excited to hear what you guys do!

Noel White

Free Christmas Gift Tags

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than three second, you will know that I love love love Christmas. I adore Christmas. I count down the days of the year until Christmas. And now it FINALLY here!!! EEEEK!

Christmas Gift Tags

My favorite part of Christmas is thinking of what I want to give who. I have so many amazing, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, inspiring people in my life. (Yes, the amazing had to be in there twice)

Arrow Tag

By December I have either bought all my presents, or I have everything planned out. This year, I bought my family gifts from Budapest, which you can read about in my 12 Days in Budapest post. I got them the most amazing gifts, and I couldn’t have chosen better.

Diamond Tag

That being said, I am a horrible horrible gift wrapper. Horrible. I don’t know how to wrap presents. It’s the sad cold truth. Most of the time they end up looking less than beautiful. Maybe less than less than beautiful. Anyways, I came up with this brilliant idea that if I put everything in those treat bags that kids get at birthday parties, tie them with ribbon, and add a pretty gift tag, the receiver won’t care because they received a gift that was perfect for them, and that’s just beautiful.

Oval Tag

So I made a six beautiful FREE gift tags that are just simply amazing. All you have to do is copy my screenshot of the gift tags, print them out on cardstock, punch a hole, and tie them on your gift. (Yes, sadly I cannot tie the gift tag to your gift from behind the computer screen. Not that you’d want me to anyways.

Rectangle tag

Star Tag

Gift Tags

Thanks so much for checking out this small and insignificant post, and come back soon for more Christmas posts!

Noel White