24 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hello Everyone! I just realized that it’s been almost a month since I last posted! Of course there is no excuse for leaving you guys hanging, but as I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved to Texas, then I was on a mission trip in Puerto Rico. Don’t worry because I have a TON of fun things planned for the next few months!

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The Secret To Saying Easy Goodbyes + 2 GIVEAWAYS!

I’m just gonna be honest here: the past few months have been tough for me. Like really tough. Like “I-feel-like-my-whole-life-is-falling-apart” tough. And I know you’re probably asking yourself the great big gigantic question of “WHY?”. Well don’t worry because the entire reason of this post is to explain the “WHY’s” and the “HOW’s”. Hopefully it will help you all as well, because that’s the entire mission of this blog: to help you all be the best you can! Don’t worry because I’m growing as well, and here is a place where we only accept honesty. Ready to learn how to say “Goodbye” easily?

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Get Fit and Go! Summer Workout Challenge

Hey guys! It’s Noel here and it is FINALLY almost Summer. Okay so maybe not in a scientific sense but definitely in an  “I’m-almost-out-of-school” sense. I’m so excited, but before Summer starts I want to challenge you guys, my readers, to do something really amazing. I know how easy it can be to just sit around and be lazy all day, but I want you to read this post and after you’re done reading it participate in the challenge.


Here’s Why:

  1. Worldwide Obesity has DOUBLED since 1980
  2. In 2008, over 1.4 BILLION men and women were obese
  3. 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.
  4. Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

Before we go any further, I want to establish something. I don’t care about your weight or body shape or size. Everyone is an individual and I don’t want you to base your body weight on mine because we are different people. I care that you are a healthy human being and you’re not putting your life in jeopardy because of your weight. I won’t judge you if you eat that burger for lunch, but I’ll get worried if you eat the same thing every day for weeks on end. Everything is good in moderation.

Get Fit and Go.png

Now that we’ve estalished that I want you to participate in the challenge.

Here’s How:

  1. Register Down Below
  2. Do the Challenge of the Week
  3. Win Cool Prizes

It’s that simple! And trust me the weekly challenges are all super fun and easy to participate in. Even if you’re way busy, always on the go, or struggle feeling motivated to get out there and do something, you will LOVE these challenges. Trust me. So what are you waiting for? Get registered down below!



Get Fit and Go (1).png

Here’s a thank you from me to you for even CONSIDERING this challenge. You guys are amazing and I wouldn’t change you for the world. You are the best subscribers I could ever ask for and I love you all so much!

What are you going to do this summer? Are you going to participate in my challenge? Let me know in the comments down below!

Love you all,

Noel White

Get To Know Buttercup: Blogger Of The Month!

Hey guys! Happy May! I don’t know about you but I am ready for Summer. I have a ton of exciting plans for Beautiful Things as well that I can’t wait to share with you…but first we have to repeat our new tradition: Blogger of the Month! I love sharing new bloggers with all of you, because I know that you’re just as awesome as they are! So without further ado, I give you Buttercup from Typically Untypical Teen.

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Free Blog Planner Printable

Hey guys! What’s up? Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you guys, but Monday this week was just a…well a Monday. I totally forgot that this post was scheduled and it went up with like one sentence written! Sorry about that! This time it’s for real, I promise!


Do you struggle with organizing your blog. Okay I’m going to be honest here: I do. And I was constantly on the search for tools that would help me plan, but none of them were extremely helpful. Actually most of them were not helpful at all. That’s why I created some of my own, and today, because I think you are all so awesome, I’m going to share them with you! Yay! I’m so excited! All you have to do is enter your email and name in the box below, and we’ll send it to your inbox! Isn’t that awesome? I think it is!

Okey dokey! Now that you’ve done that, come check out one of the awesome posts on blogging!


Thank you so much, and come again soon!

Noel White

Five Ways to Spread Kindness + Diy Card Ideas

Hey guys! It’s Noel! Today’s post is going to be a bit different! I’m going to be sharing a post by my friend Kaytlyn.

Kaytlyn is such an inspiration to me, and others around her! Her blog is simply amazing, and I strongly suggest that you check her out! Some of her ideas include making a card, crafting something for them, and helping them out around the house! I’m so excited to share this post with you and I hope you check it out! You can see it HERE.

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Quotes that Will Make You Want to Change the World

Somedays you just want to hide in your own little hole instead of jumping outside the box and helping others, and earlier this week I was having one of those days. Nothing I did seemed to be right and I just wanting to curl up in a ball and hide until the storm passed over, but the truth is that nothing will change if we do that. Sometimes I find that reading a collection of quotes will inspire you to jump up and fix things; for good. So enjoy this collection of quotes from Pinterest!

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How To Show Kindness and Who Won Last Week’s Giveaway

Hey everyone! Sorry about the radio silence. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t seem to get everything done? Then when you TRY to get something done, the world comes at you like a hurricane and you can’t find any peace? Yeah pretty much my life the past week. I mean month. I mean year. What I feel like is that as soon as the world knows that you’re doing something right, it has to keep on getting you down so you’re NOT doing ANYTHING right. Is it just me? I feel like this needs to be a whole post but, alas, I don’t have any time for that between dealing with regular life, and everything that isn’t normal…yeah I’m like a complete mess right now. I’ll be better by Wednesday, promise!

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We Cannot Look Away: Not Another 17, Not Another One

This poem originally appeared on Megha’s World, and I strongly suggest that you visit her blog! It’s truly amazing. Sometimes, reading poetry opens our eyes to problems in today’s world than just reading blog posts. Poetry has a way of capturing our hearts and our minds, staying there until we do something.

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