10 Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

Hey guys! Since this is the last post of the month, it means that it is supposed to be a deep post about me…right? Well I was going to do that but as much as I like being real with you guys, I just don’t know how to share what’s on my heart in any other way than the form of an advice post. I also just want to say that this post is really about any friendship or relationship in your life, and these are just real practical tips that anyone can use.

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5 Tips to Help You Be Motivated to Bible Journal for Teens

Hey everybody! Happy Friday! As you can tell, Fridays make me a lot happier than Mondays, and for good reason too! Fridays mean that the weekend is almost here and I am almost done studying and taking tests and solving extremely long math problems that have no actual use in real life.

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