9 Ideas to Make Your Next Sleepover THE BOMB

Hello lovely ladies (and gentlemen)! Welcome back! I love my friends so much. Everytime we hang out its such a blast and I’m always so goofy and crazy around them. (Yeah I know, SOOOO not me lol)

The best thing is when your friends become closer than friends, when they become family. My friends know almost everything about me, and they know how to read me and know when something’s off, or even when something’s on. My favorite thing is when we all get together for a sleepover, which is fun just by itself but I just wanted to share some of me and my friends favorite things to do when we’re spending the night together.


I love the stars, so much, and one of my best friends is a HUGE astronomy nerd, which is awesome because I have NO IDEA what the names of the constelations are at all. One of my favorite things to do is to just lay on a blanket in one of my friends yards and look at the stars.

Cook or Bake or Have a Cupcake Decorating Competition

I LOVE cupcakes they are my absolute favorites. (If you want me to share a cupcake recipe let me know in the comments down below!) And I love cooking with my friends, because the kitchen is my space. When I’m cooking I’m goofy and all over the place and I crack endless jokes, dancing around the kitchen while I’m looking for sprinkles or spices. (Have I mentioned I LOVE cooking?) You could bake cookies or cupcakes or even make your own pizzas!

Do Facemasks and Paint Your Nails Together

EVERYONE needs a little R&R, which is why this is one of me and my friends favorite things to do together. Who doesn’t love a face mask or having someone do their nails while jamming out to some great music? Yeah that’s what I thought. It’s a CLASSIC.

Do Challenges

Cinnamon Challenge? Ghost Pepper Challenge? Try Not to Laugh Challenge? The list goes on friend. You’ll be sure to get some laughs from this one.

Binge Watch a TV Show

Do you and your friends have a favorite TV show you could watch 24/7? For me and my friends it’s the Office ALL THE WAY. We’re constantly making the Office jokes in everyday life. (Yeah we’re THOSE kids.) Nothing is better than laughing (or crying) while watching a great show with your best friends.

Have a Photo Shoot

Best friend photoshoot? I think yes! Instagram and pinterest are both FULL of cute BFF photo ideas, that you and your friends would have a BLAST recreating. Plus you’ll have some great keepsakes to help you remember your awesome night.

Try a Pinterest DIY

Pinterest has so many cool ideas that I will never be able to try out mostly because I lack the time, but the cool thing about it is that my friends tend to pin the same diys as me, so we love trying them out together, which in turn gives me some great blog content! 🙂

Make Smores

A CLASSIC nightime activity, and honestly one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love the perfect chaos of gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate, combined with the balance of crunchy grahm cracker. Yeah, I’m in love. If you want to take your s’mores to the next level try adding your favorite chocolate bar such as york’s or reese’s.

Bodypaint On Eachother’s Hands or Legs

Gone are the days of facepaint at fairs and carnivals, but recently I’ve been seeing a trend on instagram and facebook where girls are painting thier legs/arms with really pretty designs! I’ve tried it myself and its SUPER fun!

Okay that’s it guys! What’s your favorite sleepover activity? Why? Let me know in the comments down below! Now why are you still reading my blog? Go have fun with your friends! Laugh, cry, and have a good time!

Love always,

Noel White

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