What You Will Probably Learn In Your First Year Blogging

Hi! Hello! Howdy! Welcome! I TOTALLY forgot to make this post earlier, but during my extended haitus (You can read about that HERE) I had my 1 year bloggiversary, which for my non-blogging readers basically means that I have been sharing a little bit of my world with yours for just over a year, through this blog. Actually maybe not THIS blog, because when I started I was writing on the same website but it’s name was Just Another Nefelibata, which THEN changed to Beautiful Things, and FINALLY changed to the amazing title What a Gorgeous Day that you love and read today, which brings me to my first point

Your Mission, Name, and Content Might Change Because You Are Too

Maybe this is because I’m a teenager and have constant mood swings, but the things that I like and enjoy change practically dayly. I go through different stages of my life, and you probably do to. I have times when I’m OBSESSED with DIYing and times when I read a book a day and times where all I can think about is school and friends. Sometimes, I enjoy working on my blog, while at other times I almost need to force myself to get the blog post out on time.

My point is that you’re going to grow and change, and your blog will with you. My mission and the aim of my blog has changed three times, and chances are it’ll change again, but so am I and so are you. If you need to change something don’t hesitate to do it.

There’s More Behind-the-Scenes Than You’re Expecting

This is something you will read about, and notice on other people’s blogs. You can almost always tell how much work and effort a blogger is putting into their blog by just looking at their posts. Yes, it’s possible to whip out a blog post in about 15 minutes, but the truth is people aren’t going to want to read that.

In order to have a successful blog with a reliable and consistent audience you need to be willing to put in the time to take and edit photos, make pinterest graphics, come up with catchy and relateable titles, make instagram posts… the list just goes on. Are you willing to put in all that time and effort? If not that’s okay, you just need to know where your priorities are.

Be a Team Sport

Blogging’s a team sport? Actually, yes! It is! When I first started blogging I was struggling to gain an audience bigger than my mom and my grandma…yeah it was kind of sad. If you want people to comment on your posts and, well, realize that your blog is out there maybe you should make yourself seen. Make a heartfelt comment on their posts. Like their Instagram photos. Share their pinterest pins. Email them and see if they would like a guest post on their blog (I’m willing to discuss ;););)) Not only will it get them to see you, it will make all of their readers see you too at the end of their post.

Money Making Opprotunites Might Not Show Up Right Away

Have you ever seen the blog posts “How to Make 3,000 A Month From Blogging” or “How I Work From Home With Just My Blog”? Yeah, don’t fall for that trap. Those are posts from bloggers who have been playing the game for YEARS, have a steady and reliable audience in the thousads (or for some even millions) and plaster their blog with advertisements and sponsered posts. I’m not saying that’s all completely bad, I’m just saying that blogging isn’t a “quick and easy” moneymaker.

That being said try pitching to a few smaller companies that allign with your values. Explain what you can do for them in return for what they can do for you. Yes, it really works!

Put Some Time and Thought Into Your Blog’s Design

Have you ever gone to a blog and thought “This is so hard to read” or “Nothing about this wants me to actually TRY this recipe” Yeah, me too. I’m not going to lie that used to be my blog. But then I started looking at the other blogs I loved reading, and seeing what they were doing. Something that they all had in common were clean, crisp layouts, with one or two signiture colors here or there. They had short, but easy to navigate menues, and titles that grabbed my attention. What do blogs that you enoy reading feature?

What are some of your favorite blogs? What have you learned so far in your blogging journey? As always please let me know in the comments down below! Love you all and happy writing!


Noel White

7 thoughts on “What You Will Probably Learn In Your First Year Blogging

  1. These are great, I would have included all of these too. I’ve also learned that I often fall behind & get stressy with it all, but that’s okay, and it’s okay to take a break. You’re right about content and such changing as you evolve as a person & a blogger, too. xx


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