Productivity Problem? The Secrets to Staying Productive When Youve Hit a Slump

Hello to all of my beautiful readers! This post has been super hard to write, while also super easy at the same time. It’s January now! If you’re like me you’ve probably just hit your “I don’t want to do work right now” point of the year. Is it just me or is that a thing?

Either way I’m sure at some point of your life you’ve struggled with productivity just like I am and that’s why I’m here to help. Life is a constant balance of working your butt off and enjoying the little things, which is why this is my first tip:

Start With A Job You Enjoy

It will be so much easier for you to get a kick-start on your day if you are happy being productive (its true, it exists)

For me, this means I usually start my day with swim practice. Not only does this get my adrenaline flowing, but it also makes me happy becauee I genuinely enjoy it.

Do you like cleaning? What about reading? Whatever your favorite job is, do that first.

Dress to Motivate

Yes. I said it. How much do you REALLY think you’ll get done if you’re still in your pajamas? If I’m honest with myself, which I always try to be, not much. Every day, even if I’m not going out I make sure I’m going through my whole morning routine. This means I do my hair and put on jeans and a nicer top, and maybe even a little makeup. Comfortable clothes are meant to make you confortable not to motivate you to be productive.

Put Your Phone Away

Yes. I am on my phone right now, but pleade hear me out. How much timw do you spend worrying about your friends, family, or work associates you are connected to through your phone? For me its a TON. I’m constantly glued to my phone answering numerous texts, emails, or just scrolling through Instagram…

Try hiding your phone in a spot you know you won’t go until youve completed your to do list. You could even try using a productivity app like Forest.

Make a To-Do List So You Can Check the Box

I hate lists. I hate writing them. I hate reading them. And I most definitely hate completing them. But I’m not going to lie, there is a unique form of satisfaction that comes with checking off the box with things you’ve done. So try writing a to-do list in the morning or the night before. Not only will it keep your thoughts more organized it will also be a reward system for your brain 😉

Reward Yourself When You Get Everything Done

Did you finish everything on your day’s To-do list? Celebrate because that’s a rare and beautiful thing. Watch your favorite show, hang out with friends, or make a smoothie to reward yourself. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

Okay so I’m almost done with this post and I can’t wait to check it off MY to-do list. What are some of your productivity tips? How do you reward/motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments down below!

Keep going! You’ve Got This!

Noel White

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