15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years

Hey Guys! So this is something you guys might not know, (mostly because I didn’t tell you) but my birthday was last Sunday. It was so much fun and I was surrounded by so many friends and family. It was my amazing 15th Birthday, and believe me when I say I can’t believe I am already 15. Inside I’m still a little 5 year old wanted to color with sidewalk chalk outside.

But in all seriousness, I’ve learned a lot in my 15 years on this earth and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned in this post today. These are lessons that I learned through people who were and are close to me, and through experiences I have had throughout my life. Here they are!

1. Love Hard

Love everyone and anyone as hard as you can, because love can change and save the world.

2. Enjoy the Little Moments

Even when it seems like your life is boring, it isn’t; even though you might not be off tramping through Europe or conquering the world, you’re still doing something important. Every moment counts, not just the big ones.

3. Value Experiences Not Things

Stop saving up for the “Newest and Biggest” things, and instead start saving up for experiences, like backpacking through Asia or going to an amusement park. Stuff only lasts a little while, but memories last forever.

4. Keep Your Family Close

Even when my dad was gone on a business trip, or my mom was running around crazy, or even when I was away from my family, I can always find comfort and security knowing that they’re only a phone call away. Your friends might say they’re going to be there for you, but you should know without a doubt that your family will ALWAYS be there for you.

5. Make Friends Worth Being Around

Some people might not be your kind of people, and that’s okay. You don’t have to like everyone. Just make sure that the people you’re around are good influences on you, just like you are to them.

6. Be a Leader, Not a Boss

“What’s the difference?” You might ask, well a boss just tells everyone what to do while sitting back and watching the show, but a leader shows everyone what they need to do on the front lines for everyone to see. A leader isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and do the hard work along with the people he’s leading.

7. Use Your Imagination

Stop thinking within the boundaries of your world and how you think things should be, and start thinking outside of that box. There are always more than one solution to the problem.

8. Love What You Do

If you’re not enjoying what you’re putting 80% of your time into, you’re doing something wrong. Life’s too short to be a mathematician when you really want to be an author. Of course if that’s where God called you then that’s where you should be, but I truly believe that God’s plan for us is good and he want’s what’s best with us. So if you’ve been fainting of heat exhaustion during your construction job, maybe it’s time to look into something different.

9. Treat Everyday Like It’s Own Adventure

This one is similar to the “Enjoy the Little Moments” part, but not exactly the same. Yes, enjoy every moment, but also be willing to take risks and fight all odds in your everyday life.

10. Smile Everyday

It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in right now, and how depressing it is, make sure that you’re smiling a little bit everyday. First of all its healthy, but secondly if we’re living in the past or in sadness, something is wrong and needs to change.

11. Spread Kindness Everywhere You Go

Have you ever heard the quote “Spread kindness like confetti”? I believe in living out that quote every day; the people that can seem the hardest to have kindness for are the people who probably need it the most.

12. Have Courage and Take That Jump

Stop living your life and fear, and be willing to take that jump into the great unknown. After that, who knows where you’ll go!

13. Don’t Be Afraid to Seem a Little Crazy

Crazy people are my kind of people, and I’ve learned that it’s great to be a little crazy and out there, and to just not be afraid to have fun in life’s greatest moments. Basically, don’t be afraid to stand out.

14. It’s Okay to Be Sad

Sometimes, life throws you curve-balls, and its okay to be sad about that. Sometimes things are going to be hard, and its okay to not be okay. Just don’t live in the sadness forever.

15. God is Always Good

God is always ALWAYS good, and his plans for you are great, no matter how hard it might be to walk through with them. And it’s okay so sometimes need that reminder, because trust me I have needed that reminder from time to time. Sometimes you just need to remember that he loves you and that he wants what is best for you.

Okay guys so there are the 15 things I have learned in 15 years on this beautiful planet Earth. How old are you and when is your birthday? What’s an important life lesson that you’ve learned? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Thanks again guys you are all SUPER amazing!

Lots of love,



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18 thoughts on “15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years

  1. Amen, I smile everywhere I go, and people notice and point it out to me. Even smiling has helped me make some amazing friends! Or even just saying hi to people brings a smile to their face and mine, and you get an amazing feeling when you make people happy. Also, happy fifteenth birthday Noel!

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  2. Hope you had a lovely 15th birthday! This is such a beautiful list I wish I would have learn’t these thing when I was 15. I love how positive each one is thank you for sharing!

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  3. Huuuuuuge HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY!!
    I’m glad you had a good day and you have shared such wonderful lessons learned. I hope you keep this post and look back at it when you need a reminder because even at 30 (how’d I get so old?!) I have trouble remembering and living these. xx

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  4. I’ve expanded you special day, happy belated birthday!:)
    Thank you for this. I do have to remember to enjoy the little moments, and to be a leader, not a boss, and take jumps. I am really bad at all theses things, but now I know I should try harder.

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