The Easiest Cinnamon and Vanilla Latte

Hello to all of my beautiful readers! Today, as soon as I woke up, I just had an amazingly real sense of longing for Fall. Every single year year, at around this time, I start to get really excited for the taste of pumpkin, the feel of thick knit sweaters, and the crunch of leaves underneath my feet. (If you can’t tell Fall is DEFINITELY my favorite season.

Cinnamon Vanilla Latte (1).png

Anyways in a useless attempt to cure my longing for Fall, I decided to make one of my favorite drinks ever, a Cinnamon and Vanilla Latte, and I thought I would share this incredibly easy recipe with you all! Ready, set, go!

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Makes: 1      Prep Time: 15 Minutes      Full Time: 20 Minutes

What You Need:

2 Tsp. Vanilla

2 Tsp. Cinnamon

2 Tsp. Sugar

1 Cup Coffee (warm or cold)

1 Cup Milk (warm or cold)

Ice (Only for Cold Lattes)

How to Make It:

1. To start, decide whether you’re going to be making an iced latte, or a warm one. I made a warm one, but either way works! (A warm latte needs warm milk and coffee, while a cold one needs cold milk, coffee, and ice)

2. Next, mix together the vanilla, the cinnamon, and the sugar at the bottom of your coffee mug or glass.

3. Then pour your coffee over the cinnamon-vanilla mixture, stirring until it is completely dissolved. Set aside


4. Now, pour your milk into an airtight container, making sure to seal the lid tightly. Shake the milk vigorously until foamy, about one or two minutes.

5. Lastly, remove the lid from the container, and pour the foamy milk over your coffee. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Vanilla Latte.png

Oh my goodness, have I ever mentioned that I LOVE coffee? Not as much as I love Fall, but still! What’s your favorite season? Are you more of a coffee or a tea person (Or like me, both!)? How did you like this recipe? Let me know down in the comments below!

Love you always,

Noel White

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