How to Make Your Own Clipboard Desk Organizers

5D9B87CB-F592-4AD0-8B8E-0DAF5D0BB313Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today I finished my second week of school! How exciting is that? Although there’s a lot of work to be done, I’m super excited to learn all I can in my Sophomore year.


Here’s something I’ve realized though: I’m beginning to have an increasing amount of homework and assignments, which need to be done in quiet and in my own space. That’s why I decided to work a little more on my desk and how to keep it organized, starting with the AMAZING clipboard organizers! Do you want to learn how to make them? Let’s get to it!

Clip Board Organizer

What you need:

1 Post it Notes in Your Favorite Color (I used yellow because that was what I had)

Small Metal or Plastic Container About 6″x3″x1″

Scrapbook Paper

1 Piece Card-stock

Packing Tape (Preferably Clear)

1 Clipboard

1. First put your piece of card-stock on the clipboard. I used my packing tape to tape the card stock to the clipboard using little rolls of tape, which just makes it overall sturdier.

Clipboard Desk Organizer

2. Next, take 1 cm by 5 in piece of paper, and tape each side to the paper, and slide the last one of your post-it notes underneath, so that the rest above the paper like the picture below:

3. Thirdly, take your plastic or metal container and place several balls of tape along the edge, and place in the area of your choosing on the clipboard. I use this part to hold paper clips, staplers, regular office tape, and erasers.

5. Lastly, tape a square 5″ by 5″ piece of scrapbook paper in the empty space on your clipboard, leaving the top untaped, so you can keep pencils and pens clipped on. Its now ready to hang up!

Clip Board Dry Erase Board

What you need:

1 Piece Card-stock

1 Laminated Pocket (Normally Used in Binders)

1 Clipboard

1 Dry Erase Marker

1. Start by putting you card-stock in the laminated pocket

2. Next, clip the laminated pocket to the clipboard, and fold over the side of the laminated pocket  with the holes for the binder, and tape it to the clipboard.

3. Finally, tape the rest of the lamination onto the clipboard using balls of tape, and place the dry erase marker (Mine had a magnet) on the metal part of the clipboard. Hang up and enjoy!

Okay guys! So now you know how to make these adorable, amazing, and useful clipboard desk organizers. What are you waiting for? Go do it!  What’s one of your favorite organization tips?  Did you make this DIY? If so how did it come out? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Noel White

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