Letters are Better: the Why’s, How’s, and What’s of Snail Mail

Hello everyone! Whats new with you? I’ve been so excited for this post, for a while now! I’m so glad you guys are FINALLY getting to read it! As I wrote in one of my recent posts, I recently moved from Kansas to Texas, which meant that I had to say goodbye to a lot of my friends. So here’s the whys, the hows, and the what’s of letter writing!


Of course I have a phone which I use A LOT more than I should, and I use my email to stay in contact with friends, but I, personally, know that there’s something special that comes with receiving something in the mail. It’s almost a sense of excitement or and expectation that there’s going to be something great inside; and you feel special because someone took the time and money to write out the words, address the envelope, and send it to you. So I told all my friends that I’d send them each a letter every other week, because I love them all so so much. Want to know how you can make your mail look cute and make the other person feel special?


I’m actually not a very artistic person. Anyone who even LOOKS at my blog is bound to see that, but I love receiving pretty things, so I decided to TRY to make my mail looks SOMEWHAT pretty. So I whipped out my colored pencils and drew some sketches on my envelopes. I used my easy hand-lettering technique to make the addresses pretty, and I think it came out SO CUTE!

More ideas to decorate envelopes include:



Calligraphy Pens

Scrapbook Paper

Hole Punches

*BONUS TIP: For informal letters, put the return address on the back, for formal put it on the front.

How to Write the Letter:

1. Start with the Date!

2. bring a warm greeting. “Hello”, “Dear”, or “Hey Girl!” are all great ones!

3. Start with a question, then bring in general small talk, and end with answering questions they may have asked you in the last letter

4. Give your big news, and personal information more towards the middle of the letter!

5. Bring it in with a great closing! Ask them a few more questions, and give them a warm wish.

6. Almost done! Bid farewell with a simple phrase like “Hugs”, “Love you!”, “See you soon”, or even “Goodbye for now”. then sign your name, so they know who it was from.

7. Add a cute Post Script (P.S.) with any last minute thoughts, or funny occurrences.

So there you go! Your letter is almost done…except you haven’t added a gift for the recipient! Don’t know what to add? Here are some awesome ideas:


An adult (or kids) coloring page

A teabag of your favorite tea

Heart with doodles inside

Stickers (both inside and out)

A Paper doll

A Postcard

A sketch, small painting, or poem

Glitter, sequins, pearls, or buttons

Small candies, or bubblegum

Your favorite recipes

Magazine articles or pictures

Newspaper comics

Folded paper (origami)

Small ribbons or fabric patches

Temporary Tattoos

Coins or other flat things

Pressed Flowers or leaves

Write down playlists (Or include a mixed cd!)

Friendship Bracelets


Business cards from shops you like

This is just a small list! You can really add whatever you want! Be creative and remember to HAVE FUN while you do it! It should make you happy, as well as the other person. If letter writing starts to seem like a chore, stop doing it. Maybe you were meant to write emails! No judgement here, I have gone through different stages of my life.

So get out there, and make people happy!

Always smiling,


P.S. Do you have a pen pal? Where do they live? If not have you been inspired to have one?


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14 thoughts on “Letters are Better: the Why’s, How’s, and What’s of Snail Mail

  1. I have a friend that has been going to boarding school since grade 5; she comes back about every 6-9 weeks for a week long visit at home, and I usually manage to see her once between all my school. We write letters to each other while she’s gone, though we both get busier every year. 😂 Her’s are always super short, and then mine are like novels in comparison. 😜

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  2. I love writing letters! You just inspired me to write a blog post about it. I’ve been writing letters since I was younger and enjoy getting snail mail. There’s something so lovely about picking mail up with your name on it!

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  3. Wonderful ideas, Noel! My grandmother was the best letter correspondent. She always included a couple of jokes at the end of her letters. All my college friends would gather round when they saw I got a letter from Grandma. They all wanted me to read the jokes aloud! It’s amazing how much joy something so simple brings! Love this post! ❤ ❤

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  4. Love these ideas! Recenty I spent 2 months in Sardegna and so me and my friend corresponded by letters–of course also texting and calling–and it was a really great expereince. She wrote all hers up on a typewriter while I decorated mine with washi tape. And partway through she visited London, so we now have letters back and forth between the two places. It’s great that you wrote a blog post about letter writing, I don’t see enough!
    🐛ISSA 🦋

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