43 Summer Boredom Busters for Teens

Hello beautiful! How is your summer going? My summer has been PACKED with fun things, yet I somehow always find a way to be bored…yes, I know. Judge me all you want because I know you secretly do it too. How many countless hours do you waste on social media or video games because you have nothing better to do with your time?

Thats why I’ve come up with a HUGE list of boredom Busters for teens to do over summer vacation, this way your parents never have to hear you say those dreaded words: “I’m Bored…”

Practical Boredom Busters

1. Start a business

2. Organize your desk

3. Go back to school shopping

4. Work out

5. Babysit

6. Mow your lawn

7. Clean out your closet and sell clothes on ThredUp

8. Go Back to School shopping

9. Work Out

Atheletic Boredom Busters

10. Try Yoga

11. Go Swimming

12. Play a game of tag with your friends

13. Water balloon fight!!!

14 Slip & Slide

15. Ride a bike

16. Go to the park

17. Run

18. Go on a hike

Food Related Boredom Busters

19. Go on a picnic

20. Make your family dinner

21. Bake cupcakes

22. Try a new Healthy breakfast

23. Make “make ahead breakfast” and freeze it

24. Decorate a cake

25. Have a movie themed dinner

Artistic Boredom Busters

26. Paint

27. Sketch

28. Write Poetry

29. Write a short story

30. Try Photography

31. Make Slime

32. Leary Caligraphy/hand lettering

33. Make tie dye

34. Re paint your bedroom

35. Buy a pice of furniture at the thrift store and repaint it

Boredom Busters With Friends

36. Have a sleepover

37. Play hide and seek

38. Have a spa day

39. Make friendship bracelet

40. Game night

41. Have a movie marathon

42. Have a bff photo shoot

43. Go pranking

As always,


30 thoughts on “43 Summer Boredom Busters for Teens

  1. Awesome ideas! I’m usually keeping myself busy with something or other! But these are great for those rainy days (we get a lot of). I’d just like to note that in ‘Practical Boredom Busters’ you used two things twice? I’d just like to let you know – I am really not trying to be rude!
    Have a beautiful day 😉
    愛知の 🌻

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  2. Great post! It’s so funny that you posted this to me because I scheduled a blog post to come out this Wednesday on hobbies to try. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post! I love all these tips. I totally get the fact that even though you have so much to do you manage to find one way or another to be bored. I’m gonna have to definitely try some of these. 🙂 By the way, going back to school shopping is listed twice, at number 3 and number 8. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your welcome. Like I’ve said before, your blog is great. Don’t stress yourself about the typos, we all make them. Trust me, I know what it’s like to rush a post, hehe.

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