What Guidelines Should Christian Women Be Using for Modesty + 4 Modest Summer Outfit Ideas for Teens

Hey girls! How has your summer been so far? I am so excited for summer because it means that I can go swimming, have a break from school, travel, and just have so many adventures with my friends. But summer comes with its own kind of struggle for us teens: modesty.


This is the time of year where my non-Christian friends start wearing crop tops, bikinis, and shorts that show off their body, and let’s be honest for a moment: There have been times where I wanted to do the same thing, but rather not to stand out, but to fit in. When the weather gets warmer, teen girls tend to let their modesty fall in order to attract men or just win the approval of others, and its not right.

When I think of who I want my future husband and my current friends to be, I want them to like me for me and not for my outside appearance. Yes, I take care of my health and my appearance, but there is a fine line between doing things for myself and doing things for other people. So what are the guidelines for modesty? How do you know if you’re being too immodest?

Here’s How

Again, I’m going to be completely honest with you guys: You’re asking the wrong question, because you’re basically asking how far you can go without getting in trouble, how rebellious you can be without “breaking the rules”.

So now I’m going to tell you how I keep myself in check: If I’m doing it to impress other people, then it’s wrong. Yes, this summer I dyed my hair pink, but you wanna know why? Because I wanted to celebrate and I wanted to do it for me. I love the color pink, and it holds a lot of significance for me, but I didn’t do it for other people. When I go shopping for my outfits, if after I try it on I think “maybe that guy would like it…” or “I’m sure I’ll get compliments if I wear this top” then I don’t buy it because I shouldn’t be trying to impress other people.

In my family, shorts and skirts need to be longer than your fingertips when you put your hand down, with swimsuits you can’t see your bellybutton, and we don’t wear spaghetti straps off the beach. Some of my friends from church can’t wear pants above their knees, and they can’t wear any tank tops at all. It really just depends on your parents decide.

Here Are Some Modest Outfit Ideas:

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So here’s my wrap up from today: as women I think a lot of our decisions come from a place of trying to impress other people, but as girls we need to know that we are beautiful just the way we are and we don’t need to change ourselves to receive the approval of others

Love you all and happy summer!

Noel White

17 thoughts on “What Guidelines Should Christian Women Be Using for Modesty + 4 Modest Summer Outfit Ideas for Teens

  1. I love those outfits, I am all for modesty. I like your style; a lot of people think they should look…boring, wear baggy stuff, and not those type of shorts, but I think you can and be modest, thanks for sharing! ❤ Super cute!

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  2. I wear what I wear because I feel comfy in it and it’s practical. I hate this ‘dressing to impress’ thing – yet I’ve been through it before. I though whatever I wore had to be perfect to other people’s standards but I’m out of that hole now 😉
    I don’t like showing to much skin so I’m usually dressing ‘modest’ anyway! Thank you for the great post, it really made me think x

    Liked by 1 person

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