Why Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is the Best Way To Make Money on a Blog + My Top 15 Favorite Affiliate Programs

Hello world! How are you on this glorious Monday? Hopefully as well as I am! I’m on my last hurrah for school and it is GLORIOUS! I’m so excited to have time to focus on my blog, my amazing readers (That’s you!), and my friends (They’re the best ones out there, just sayin’. You should be jealous.)

My goal is to have my blog set up by the end of the summer so that I don’t have to put in 12+ hours of work each week (Yes. I actually do that. Yes. It sucks) And I wanted to write this post for you guys, all about how to earn money on a blog! And as I was thinking about this I was looking back on my income reports, and I realized that the way I made the most money was by participating in Affiliate Marketing.

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Here’s Why

I used to use influencer sites like BrandBacker and Izea. And let me tell you there is nothing wrong with signing up for those kinds of sites, which are basically a way for companies to find you and your blog and you can participate in campaigns. The thing is that there are thousands of other bloggers using the same sites, with more followers than you. You probably won’t get a single opportunity unless you have over five thousand subscribers. Also, because there is so much competition, you probably won’t even get paid because they can just send you products…not a great way to make money.

I’ve also learned that you can’t just sit around hoping that a company will contact you, because 99% of the time they won’t. And when they do, they also will probably not offer to pay you. The struggle is real for influencers everywhere. There is just too much competition, and as a new blogger, you’re going to figure that out way too fast.

With affiliate programs, you get paid a percentage of all purchases made by clicking on your link, you can choose the products you want to put in your post, and you can choose multiple products and put them all in one post. You can choose products that are targeted more towards your products in order to make the greatest profit. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. Now you know why you should:

Here’s How

First think about your target audience on your blog. Is it moms? Teens? Kids? Millennials? Bookworms? Or all of the above? You choose! Next think about things that you associate with that audience. Like, with bookworms you would say books. Duh. With teens, you would say phone covers. Moms? The biggest coffee mug in the world. I’m serious that job is HARD.

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Then, choose one (or two. or three.) affiliate program on a site that has those products. Got the program? The next step is the easiest. Sign up for the program using your email and website. You’ll probably get a code to verify your site and a verification email. Sometimes this takes 24 hours or more.

Last, but not least start writing posts focused around some of the products you found on those sites. Like my 5 Gifts for Adventurers post! This is really easy, just brainstorm! You’ve got this! Now that you know how to become an affiliate,

Here’s Where







Dollar General

Flex Offers

Rakuten Marketing

Commission Junction

Google Affiliate Network



GlobalWide Media


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That’s it! You made it! You’re on your way to making more money from your blog than ever before all because of Associate Marketing! What are you waiting for? Get out there! Write your blog post! Change the world!

See ya later,

Noel White

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      1. Yes, I am good at taking chances 😉 When my end of term exams are over, I’ll be bringing my focus onto my blog! I recently upgraded on Kitty Jade too 😉 Thank you for being SOOO NICE ♥️

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