10 Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

Hey guys! Since this is the last post of the month, it means that it is supposed to be a deep post about me…right? Well I was going to do that but as much as I like being real with you guys, I just don’t know how to share what’s on my heart in any other way than the form of an advice post. I also just want to say that this post is really about any friendship or relationship in your life, and these are just real practical tips that anyone can use.


#1: Love

So okay, duh, you need to like the other person to be in a serious relationship with them, but “like” is not “love”. Confused? Let me explain: Love is sacrifice. Yes you might like the idea of a person, but when you love somebody, you’re willing to put their interests ahead of your own.


#2: Reality

What makes me so sad is seeing teen girls, and even teen guys getting into shallow relationships where they’re just pretending to be someone else because they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. It’s like your personality is wearing makeup and you’re being fake. So be honest, and be real with your friends. Trust me it pays off in the end, and if they don’t like you for you, then you deserve better anyways.


#3: Trust

Again, this one makes me so sad because I see so many teens turning behind each other’s backs. Now you might be thinking in your head right now “Well my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend would never cheat on me.” I hope so, but that’s not exactly what I mean. Do you trust that your friend isn’t talking about you behind your back? Do you trust that they mean what they say? Because a relationship built off of lies is going to crumble.


#4: Honesty

This one is very similar to the last one, and just like it’s predecessor, it makes me sick to see so many people turning behind each other’s backs. Why do we have to lie no only about who we truly are, but how we’re feeling about a certain situation, or so many other things? Why can’t we just be honest with one another?

Here’s the answer: We don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings. We don’t want to lose our friends. And even though lies hurt more than the truth, we keep lying to ourselves saying that if they knew what we had done or how we feel or who we really are then they won’t accept us. But do you really want a relationship where you can’t trust the person to accept you no matter what you’ve done or who you really are?


#5: Wisdom

I left the most important point for last, because I want this one to be the one that you’re pondering. You should be wise about how you handle your relationship if it really matters to you. Don’t go do stupid things with the friends you want for life. Be wise about the things you do with your friends.




Thanks so much for reading guys! If you could have one character trait in each of your relationships, what would it be? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

Love ya’ll,




8 thoughts on “10 Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

  1. This is sooooo true!! I’m just a teen, but as I grow older I’ll definitely keep this in mind!
    (by the way, I’m hosting a photography contest if you want to join!) ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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