Ten Tips for Awesome IPhone Photography

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a post with the amazing Sibra! She’s an amazing friend from Instagram who is a poet and photographer and just honestly so inspiring! (Haha I like bragging on people, can you tell?) Anyways, I have a huge juicy secret to spill…are you ready? Okay here it is: Every single one of my photos on this blog, was taken with an IPhone. That’s right. I don’t own a camera…but they have all still come out wonderful! here are some of my favorite photos (Taken by myself of course!)

Aren’t those all AMAZING? Okay, so all of them were taken with IPhones, but how in the world did I get them to look like…that? Well I’m about to spill all my secrets, with the help of my good friend Sibra, so let’s get to it!

Also don’t forget to check out Sibra’s instagram and give her a huge follow and welcome her to the Beautiful Things family!

Tip #1: Focus in on the Light

This one is probably one of the most important tips I can give you. When you’re about to take the photo, tap on the spot on your screen that looks the brightest. This will bring the whole photo into proportion. My best example of this is my Budapest Streetlamp photo. Here you can see a before and after:





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Tip #2: Use the Right Photo Mode

Okay so this one might seem obvious, but if you haven’t been doing it, you need to be using the right photo mode. Are you taking a picture of a landscape? Use the landscape mode. Are you taking a portrait? Use the portrait mode! It helps SO MUCH. Trust me.

Here’s an example:


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Tip #3: Use the Right Filter

Oh my goodness! This one is a HUGE one, because almost all of my instagram photos would be horrible if I didn’t use a filter. Sometimes photos just need that little extra boost, and that’s totally okay. Trust me, everyone is doing it, so if you want your photos to have that little extra something, it’s probably the filters!




Apple Chips 2

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Tip #4: Use the Flash Minimally

This one is one of the less obvious tips in the list, and here’s why: Most people don’t realize how much the flash is ruining their photos. Want to know where that strange glare is coming from? Probably the flash. The flash is artificial lighting, which means that it is ruining the scenery because it ISN’T NATURAL. When taking photos, you’re going to want as much natural lighting as possible, so I would suggest just avoiding using the flash! Also, bonus points if you brighten up the photo during editing!





Tip #5: Use Your Feet and Walk Closer

Okay guys, let’s be honest. How many of you are lazy and would rather zoom in on an object than moving your legs? Yeah, me too. But guess what? That might be what’s ruining your photos! Shocker, I know. When you zoom in the photo comes out grainy, because that’s just not what the camera was meant to do in the first place! So take a trek and walk a few steps closer!

Tip # 6: Take the Photo at the Right Time

Okay, so another obvious tip, but hear me out, okay? At night take photos of fireworks, during the day take photos of sunshine and clouds and blue skies! When I went and did my sunflower photoshoot, I was taking photos of butterflies on the sunflowers, but I needed to make sure that the butterflies’ wings were open, otherwise the photo would have been ruined. Try patience, because it really does work.





Tip #7: Use Burst to Take Multiple Photos

This is one of my favorite tips, because it’s takes almost no effort, and it’s really good for moving subjects (which are my favorite kind to photograph) When you use burst it takes multiple photos in a row, that way you can choose your favorite out them, and delete the rest!

Tip #8: Adjust the Lighting

Okay, so have you focused in on the light? On the left of the little “focus box” there should be a little sun! If you drag it up, it will make the image brighter, if you drag it down, it will make the image darker! This is honestly a pro tip, and so easy!

Tip #9: Use the Timer

Last (legitimate) tip guys! We’ve finally made it! So you know when you’re taking a photo, and you’re clicking the button, and then this happens: The world is shaking! There’s an earthquake! Oh wait it was your fault! No! You shook it when you were clicking the button! AHHH! Yeah we’ve all been there.

This tip is going to help you fix that! Okay, you know that timer setting? Set it to three seconds, that way the shake from your finger hitting the screen will be gone and the photo will come out clear.

Tip #10: Go Get ‘Em!

What are you waiting for? You’ve got 10 amazing tips to help you take AMAZING photos with you IPhone. You’ve got the skills. You’ve got the photographer’s eye (Because everyone does). What are you still reading this post for? Go out there, capture the world, share it with others!

Better Iphone Photography

What are some tips you have for IPhone photographers? What are some of your favorite photos you’ve taken? Let me know in the comments below!



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    1. Thanks Gracie! These work with almost any type of smartphone or tablet…I also tried them on my IPod and it worked AMAZING!


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