3 Ways To Get Inspired By Nature

Hey guys! It’s Noel here! Today we’re getting an AMAZING guest post about Spring and how we can get inspired by nature written by the amazing, beautiful, talented author Kym! She is the blogger behind Lavenwild!

So go check her out, give her a follow, because she definitely deserves it! Love you all, and I know you’ll love Kym. Miss you all!


Noel White


Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons and I can not tell you how much inspiration, especially as an artist. Nature can inspire you to create things or just get you motivated!

The Definition of Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

  • Once a week I just like to be outside for an hour, and if I can’t go outside I literally will stare out the window. While doing this I will listen to music, knit, crochet,draw, or write in my journal. If I’m not specifically journaling I make sure I have something to write in because this is when I think of the greatest ideas! Ideas of what blog posts to write, ideas of Youtube videos to record, ideas of what to draw, and so much more! 5E7E9D86-8E0F-48E0-89C9-CE83160C7387
  • Another way is to go on a walk but really take in everything. The flowers around you, the beautiful sunset, and the trees that give you shad! I’m sure that this will get your creativity flowing and make you yearn to create things!
  • Pick out something outside to draw whether its a flower, birds nest, or the sky. While you draw find beauty in whatever you draw. Finding positivity and beauty will definitely help get you inspired!


I hoped that you enjoyed my blog post! I post on my blog every Wednesday and my Youtube channel Monday and Saturday! You can find my blog at www.lavenwild.wordpress.com and you’ll find my Youtube channel and social media links there! Thank you!


6 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Inspired By Nature

  1. It’s a great way to enjoy the nature. ❤❤❤❤ May be i’ll carry a notebook the next time i am outside because truly enough those are the times we really get loads of ideas. A very comforting post. ☺☺


      1. Yes camera is so very needed. I know the need. I have this immense urge of capturing everything i see. And therefore carry my phn to most places.


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