Quotes that Will Make You Want to Change the World

Somedays you just want to hide in your own little hole instead of jumping outside the box and helping others, and earlier this week I was having one of those days. Nothing I did seemed to be right and I just wanting to curl up in a ball and hide until the storm passed over, but the truth is that nothing will change if we do that. Sometimes I find that reading a collection of quotes will inspire you to jump up and fix things; for good. So enjoy this collection of quotes from Pinterest!

no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

it's all up to you.

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Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier -Mother Teresa

I think I've pinned this already but don't care.  I love this. LOVE it.  Every time I read it my heart feels full.  If only all of humanity understood this.  We are all wounded.

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be the good!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you were inspired to do some good in the world! If you’re now inspired but you have NO IDEAS, don’t worry, I got you covered. Visit my #Conquerhatewithlove Giveaway Post and you can also have a chance to enter in a pretty awesome giveaway!




21 thoughts on “Quotes that Will Make You Want to Change the World

  1. I like that one about being the reason for making someone smile for the day.. it is also a reminded to always be friendly and polite when we have errands to run… or to do something kind for someone who needs it 💗

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