#conquerhatewithlove Campaign and Giveaway

Dear World,

Originally I was going to post about some of my favorite music, but I changed my mind due to current events in our world today. On Wednesday the 14th, a former student of Parker High School, Nikolas Cruz, started shooting at his school. There were 17 dead, and many more in the hospital. This horrible event happened on Valentine’s Day, the day of love.it means that even on the day which everyone is supposed to feel loved, one individual didn’t.

The saddest part? This school shooting marked the 18th school shooting in 2018. On an average, that is one school shooting every 60 hours. This is more than double the number of school shootings recorded in the past three years during the same time period.

I have decided that I’ve had enough. The time is up, and I’m going to prove it. We need to stop filling this world with hate, and start treating each other like brothers and sisters. Respecting each other, and loving each other. That why I’m starting the #conquerhatewithlove campaign. Here’s how it works:

I want all of you to post Instagram photos with the hashtag #conquerhatewithlove, or leave comments at the bottom of this blog post with stories of how you showed someone love that day. (Limited to 1 entry per day). Some ideas could be:

  • Helping a disabled person carry their Groceries from the store
  • Paying for someone else’s dinner bill
  • Paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line
  • Bringing someone flowers
  • Grab a friend and volunteer somewhere
  • Give 3 people a genuine compliment about who they are, not their clothing or their look
  • Leave a generous tip and a kind note for you waitress or barista
  • Do you know parents who could use a night out? Offer to babysit for free!
  • Return shopping carts for people at the grocery store
  • Set an alarm on your phone to go off at three different times during the day. In those moments, do something kind for someone else
  • Carry cash just to give away
  • Give a coat or jacket to someone who needs it
  • Eat lunch with someone who often sits alone at school or work
  • Stop a random person and ask them how their day has been and actually listen to them.
  • Rake leaves or help clean up at a neighbor’s house
  • Send an encouraging text to 5 people a day
  • Run an errand for a friend/family member who is busy
  • Write an encouraging note/letter to someone who seems down
  • Buy the food or coffee for the person behind you
  • Make cookies or a treat and take it to your neighbor
  • Choose one of your valued possession and give it away to someone who could use it

*Note: these are just ideas!!! Feel free to come up with your own!


Before you go throughout your whole city doing good, print off these #Conquerhatewithlove cards. Then whenever you do a #conquerhatewithlove challenge, give it to the person you were loving on! It’s a great way to influence other people to do the same as you!

Then, after you post your photo or comment, enter this week’s giveaway by clicking HERE.

This week the winner will receive a FREE Rinder Me Speechless soy candle! Oh my goodness I am so excited! I will talk more about the Rinder Me Speechless candle on Monday!

Thanks so much for helping me show the world that we CAN conquer over hate!

Spreading the love,

Noel White

*Note: If you are a blogger or a small business and are interested in supporting the cause, email me at my contact page and I’ll get you in the loop ASAP!

26 thoughts on “#conquerhatewithlove Campaign and Giveaway

  1. Hello Noel, I think this is a brilliant challenge and a way to show love and kindness despite all of the hate and school shootings that have recently happened. I think the #conquerhatewithlove challenge is a good idea and can’t wait to see the effects of this campaign on the lives of those it touches.

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