Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards

I’m so excited for Galentine’s day, aren’t you? EEEK!!! Okay so I am currently single which I will probably talk about sometime soon… The main reason why is because I don’t believe that I need a boyfriend to be happy. I have a bunch of friends who are guys, and we hang out and have fun, but we’ve all kind of come to an understanding that we don’t need to date. But that is all a discussion for another day…maybe. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a post about why I believe in staying single while you’re young!


I really just want to slow down a bit, and I’m so excited because I am single, and that means that February 14th is Galentine’s day! Basically it’s where a bunch of single girl’s get together and celebrate being single…yeah it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Galentine's 3

And I decided that I would like YOU to be able to celebrate Galentine’s Day with us! Yay! So I’ve decided to do a free giveaway of Galentine’s day cards!


Yay! (If you were wondering all of the images are of my Galentine’s day cards) Just click on the link and print them off! It’s that easy!

Galentine's day logo

Happy Galentine’s Day,

Noel White

9 thoughts on “Free Giveaway: Galentine’s Day Cards

  1. Me and my friends are celebrating Galetines Day this year and getting each other little presents. You’re 100% right you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy! Also those cards are super cute 💖

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