5 YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now


Hey Guys! I’ve been pouring over YouTube lately and I am in LOVE with these Channels! They’re so awesome! Be sure to go check them out and give them a little follow! They really deserve it!


Kale’s Adventure’s!

Michaela is always all over the world, because her brother Michael Andrews is actually a professional swimmer. Her and her family are always somewhere exciting! She posts amazing, healthy recipes from all over the world! Her brother also has a YouTube channel you can follow here.



Cinnamon Glitter Studio

Who runs Cinnamon Glitter Studio? Why Buttercup! The blogger we all love and adore from Typically Untypical Teen!  She’s seriously awesome people! You NEED to follow her both on YouTube, and on her blog. On her YouTube she posts crochet diys! Isn’t that awesome?


Image result for Tara Michelle


Tara Michelle Vlogs

Tara is bright and enthusiastic and she goes all over the world! She posts vlogs about all her adventures and I love it because my dream is to go all over the world, and I think that it’s really awesome that SHE can do that as part of her job! Go Tara!


Image result for tim hawkins

Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is so funny, and his channel has a contemplation of dad jokes. Sometimes you just need to laugh, and Tim Hawkins will…guaranteed. He’s just hilarious. And his jokes stick with you forever. He’s probably one of my favorite comedians


Image result for Michael Jr.


Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. is again probably one of my favorite comedians. He’s hilarious, and his jokes will make you smile and laugh on a sad day. You should go check him out!



Thanks so much for reading this post! Be sure to check back on Friday for another awesome post!


Noel White!

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