Happy Birthday Mom! + Canvas from Photowall

Hey everyone! I just want to start today off by saying happy belated birthday to my mom! She’s always been there for me, and she’s always encouraged me to chase my dreams. It was her idea for me to start a blog, to pursue my passion in writing, to go on as many adventures as I can. She is the best mom ever and I don’t know what I’d do without her.DSCF2613

She has five kids, homeschools three of them, and drives us all around to our various sports and activities. To those of you who don’t believe me, a stay-at-home-mom has a full time job, and my mom slays it. Literally. So thanks, mom for encouraging each and every one of us to pursue our dreams, to treat everyday like an adventure, and to take command when we want to run and hide.


My mom’s favorite flower is a sunflower, can you tell? Her entire kitchen is themed John Deere/Sunflower so I decided to get her a canvas from Photo Wall! Yes this is a picture of me and three of my siblings at a sunflower field. Isn’t it adorable? I was really impressed with their customer service. They delivered the canvas within three days even though it was flying all the way from Sweden to the United States of America…I thought that was incredibly impressive.


When it got here, it was unassembled which wasn’t a big deal, all I have to say is that you should definitely read the instructions carefully before assembling your canvas or mural. (I’m not talking from experience or anything). Photowall does a wide variety of photo products, including murals and wallpaper. I loved the customer service, and my mom loves her canvas. So if you ever are buying a canvas or wall mural, you should definitely use Photowall!

Canvas Prints

I’m going to close up after just a few more words. Photowall is amazing, I love you mom, you’re amazing, and to all my followers and readers, you guys are super amazing!


Noel White

*this is a sponsored post by Photowall

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom! + Canvas from Photowall

  1. Ooh, glad to hear that you were happy with photowall. They contacted me last week asking me to review their product, and I’ve been a little worried with how the canvas will turn out. I am also really impressed with their shipping! I ordered a canvas just a few days ago, and it would have been here by now but there was a problem with an address. Thanks for writing this review! I can’t wait to get my canvas. XD

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