10 Blogging Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Hey guys! So I was trying to think of what I should post and then it hit me…I’ve been thinking lately of like how much I personally love reading articles with blogging advice in them. First of all, almost all of the ones that I’ve read have been super helpful and have helped me make my blog super successful, second of all I love the blogging community and helping other bloggers find their voices. So get ready to jump all into it!

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Write About What You Love

This is by far my most successful blog, and you want to know why? When I’m writing about things that I love, it makes me excited to put the work in that will make my blog succeed. People just don’t sit down at their laptop every day talking about something that they just aren’t interested in. Trust me, I know from experience. So think about the things that you love. Are you into sports? Writing? Diys? Fashion? Or maybe a mix of all of them.

Connect With Your Audience

I think this is one of the best tips I can give up and coming bloggers. Connect with your audience. They are reading your article for a reason, so try to find out why. At the end of your post give them something to comment about. Ask them their opinions, what they thought about the post, anything that will make them feel like they’re connecting to you.

Get A Good Website Design and Stick To It

Again, this is one of the most applicable pieces of advice I can give bloggers. If you’re not really into web design, it might be something you want to invest in. I, personally, believe that the most beautiful blogs stick to simple themes. It just puts the focus on the post rather than the color of your background. That being said, don’t change your website layout everyday. People like it when they’re familiar with something, so help them out a little.

Blog Traffic

Connect With Other Bloggers

I believe that part of the beauty of blogging is connecting with other bloggers. First, I just looked up blogs written by teens, because I’m a teen and I want to connect with bloggers my age. After I’ve connected with other bloggers, I usually drop them a comment or two and wait for them to respond. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, but it’s all okay. I make sure to ask my blogger friends what they think of my website and what I should change.

Use Social Media

How will people visit your blog if they don’t know it exists? My first blog was mostly visited by friends and family, and that’s all okay, but I was mostly getting the pity follows. Like “Poor Noel, she just started a blog and we should show our support.” Don’t get me wrong that’s all great, but how am I supposed to reach people who will read my blog because they think it’s great when everyone who visits my blog just visits because they want to support me? Now I suppose you’re asking yourself which social media you should use. At a bare minimum, I would say Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I also use Google+, but that’s not necessarily helping me out. Also make sure you’re posts are clean and beautiful so that people actually want to click on them…not just scroll past.\

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Lots and Lots of Photos

People just don’t like reading articles and looking at words the whole time. Be sure to add photos in order to make the whole thing interesting. Even if you don’t have time to take photos during your busy week, there are plenty of websites that offer free, non-licensed photos that are super good quality. I personally recommend Unsplash and Pixabay. The photos on there are no joke, so be sure to check them out.

Post Less, Write More

This is some legit advice. Who has time to every day read 100 blog posts. Trust me, I don’t. I will scroll though my post notifications every day, and I DON’T click on the ones that have been posted on every day. If you are posting every day, it basically means that you aren’t putting a lot of thought into your blog posts, and that’s just the cold hard truth. Don’t post just because you’re bored. If you’re bored do research, take photos, write your first draft, but for heaven’s sake DON’T POST EVERY DAY!!!

Have A Game Plan

Okay, I’m going to be honest this is something I seriously struggle with. I hate plans because I like to be spontaneous, but when someone reads your blog they don’t want you to have no idea what you’re going to post. Trust me, I’ve sat down at my computer some days, and realized that I was supposed to post, and written a post right there on the spot, but those posts aren’t usually very successful. Also, make a plan for which days you’re going to post. For example, I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That way my readers know when to check back for something new.

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Learn How to Make Good Titles

Okay, so people probably won’t click on your post unless it has an awesome title. Your post can be the best post ever, your blog can be super cute, your photos can be high quality, but people won’t click on your post without a good title. So here’s how you do it. Take your subject. Say I’m going to post my family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. There has to be a million other recipes for chocolate chip cookies so what makes mine special?Maybe I’ll say: The Secret To Making Melt In Your Mouth Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or if I’m posting about my sewing hobby I’d say: 5 Things Every Sewer Needs

See this makes you WANT to read the article, doesn’t it. News flash, I probably won’t be posting on either of these things but they are good ideas. Feel free to use them. 😉

Make Sure Google Can Find Your Website

This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you. I didn’t realize this, but as good as Google is, sometimes they need a little help finding your website. Here is a great article on how to do it: For Bloggers: Google Rankings (Get Your Blog On Page 1 Stat!)

Thanks so much for reading my post guys! What tips do YOU have for bloggers out there? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Blogging,


31 thoughts on “10 Blogging Tips to Boost Your Traffic

  1. Thanks for the tips! Learned a few, was pleased to know I’m already doing a few. ESPECIALLY the don’t post every day tip. I post like, once a fortnight, once a week if I have time. 😛

    Appreciated the links to those photo sites. Usually my titles are designed by myself, and its hard to get good photos. 🙂

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  2. Awe these are very good tips!! I definitely agree to have a lot of photos because it makes your post look so sassy but sometimes it’s hard to find time to search for a photo that will fit your post!! Haha x

    Liked by 1 person

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