100 Followers + New Site Reveal + Questions for My Readers

Oh my goodness! 100 Followers? I’m honestly beyond happy. I’ve only been blogging since early November, so just the fact that I have 100 followers already makes me beyond excited, and I know that I have many many more viewers every day. You guys make what I do worth doing! Thanks alot! It means so much to me to see people enjoying what I write!

One of my main things about being a blogger is being real with my readers, but I also love listening to you! So be sure to answer the questions in the comments below!

Question #1: Which social media sites should I put my posts on?

Question #2: Which of my posts have been your guys’s favorites?

Question #3: Should I post more often or less frequently?

Question #4: What types of posts would you guys like to see in the future?

Question #5: Is there anything you dislike about my blog?


Thanks so much guys, and I can’t wait to read your answers in the comments below. Remember this is a judgement free zone! I want honest opinions!

Thanks again,

Noel White

24 thoughts on “100 Followers + New Site Reveal + Questions for My Readers

  1. CONGRATS!!!!! Here are my answers:
    1. Since I am not aloud to go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, (basically any social media except WordPress.) I think that you should stick to blogging.
    2. I really like some of your photoshoots. (Um, I am really sorry, but I am following over 100 sites, so IDK what people post sometimes. XD Do you post photoshoots?)
    3. Whatever you want to do! Really that’s not a problem, but I do like it when there are less posts in my Reader.
    4. I would like some crafting posts! I love seeing how people are creative.
    5. I do like your blog, but I would like to see more craft posts like I said above. Maybe even art!

    I hope I helped! I didn’t mean to be rude with any of my answers. I tried to be honest!

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  2. I nominated u for an award on 8th January. If free check it out. Well I like ur new blog theme and I guess your blog I totally perfect. All u can do is to improve photography for blog but if u do not then also it absolutely looking nice.
    Hope u like it.

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  3. Congrats with the followers!

    1. Pinterest
    2. I love the DIY ones. (I STILL LOVE THE LITTLE PINECONES!!!)
    3. Yes more frequently duh!
    4. MORE DIY STUFF! 😄
    5. Nope!

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  4. Ah, I know how very difficult it is to get 100 followers (I’ve been blogging for two years and still haven’t reached that goal). Congratulations!

    Question #1: honestly I would say Pinterest, although I guess that’s not technically social media.

    Question #2: You’re 2018 Bucket list was an awesome post.

    Question #3: I think you post a perfectly decent amount.

    Question #4: I like the kind you’re doing so far!

    Question #5: Hmmm maybe spice up the way the blog looks, a little more interesting images on the side or something? But I like it a lot the way it is.

    ❤ Lissa

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  5. Oh wow! Congratulations! My answers are here: (I love to read feedback and you do too so why not an essay!)
    1) I’m never on my Social media and I love it on here!
    2) I love all of your posts (and your theme at the moment, I see you’ve changed the colors slightly)
    3)I don’t care when you post as I always have time to read and comment!
    4) Maybe some more baking posts?
    5) There’s nothing to dislike so no!
    Thanks so much,
    Erin xx

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