Excript From My Latest Project: Notebook

Hey guys! So lately I’ve been feeling inspired to mix poetry and prose into one great big post! I hope you all enjoy this exscript from my latest book, titled Notebook. Enjoy!


Noel White

My tears created an ocean,

But not even they showed how much I loved him

When she closed her eyes, her emotions came out as words scrawled across her mind, and the only way to get rid of them was to write them down. Sometimes they were beautiful love poems, sometimes they were heartbreaking songs, and sometimes they were a simple paragraph describing an item, a place that resembled her emotion.

She pulled out her notebook and began writing:

The rain drips heavily, mixing with the tears on my face. My feet are as heavy as my heart, and I can barely breath. I look down at the puddles gathering around me, and wish they were deep enough to drown in, for dyeing would be better than the pain that I feel right now. My heart feels like its being torn into shreds a thousand times over. My mind tells me that I shouldn’t care, but I never listen to it anyways.

Why do I feel grief for the love we never had?

She draws in a deep breath, and brings her pen back towards her paper, knowing that she isn’t done yet.

Your words are on my lips,

Your heart at my fingertips,

But I don’t dare say a word,

I don’t dare shake our world.


I know that we can’t help it,

We can’t live the past again

Things can’t go to where they were

We’re a never ever.


You and I ran off the road,

I mended our broken bones;

Read our story on repeat:

The love that couldn’t be.

She picks her pen back up, and realizes that she has tears rolling down her own cheeks. She grabs her notebook and flings it across the room, listening until is hits her wall, and then falls down sobbing onto her pillow. Her tears create an ocean, her mind is a jumble, and nothing, nothing could express the pain that she felt at that moment.

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