My 2018 Bucket List

Hi everybody! Can you believe that it is actually January first? Yeah, me neither. I actually have to do school today, and when you are reading this, I am probably going to be crunching away at my exams. Oh joy. (That was sarcastic if you didn’t catch it)

Ulitmate 2018 Bucket List

But either way, its the new year, and as always, I want to start off this year on a new foot. I want to have brand new adventures and to laugh often and spend time with amazing friends. Below are a list of some of the adventures that are on my bucket list for 2018! As I complete them I’ll write posts about how much fun I had!

Sparklers Bucket List
Sleep Under the Stars Bucketlist

A Sparkler’s Photoshoot! I’ve wanted to do this forever! I can’t wait to try it.

Memories Bucket List

Sleeping under the stars without a tent or anything! This is definitely going to happen this summer! What would be awesome is if we could do this with a trampoline.

Library Note Bucket List

I have so many memories this album won’t be able to fit them all, but I want to do one for my most special lLife moments…with all my adventures inside!

This one might seem easy but I think it would be so much fun to make a bookmarks and leave them in some of my favorite library books!

Bucket List Photos
Glitter Photoshoot Bucketlist

Oh goodness! I haven’t taken one today yet! Yikes! Every month I’ll publish some of my favorite photos!

Disney Movie Marathon Bucket List

A glitter photoshoot? Yes please!

Cookbook Bucket List

Oh Disney, you make some of the best movies….and I can sing along to almost all of them!

Bucket List Vegetarian

My family has some of the best recipes, and I’ve always wanted to gather them all together into one great big book…I’ll write a post about that soon!

Bucket List Stargazing

This is also something I’ve wanted to do for a while! Instead of doing it for a month I might do it for Lent though!

Bucket List Letter

Stargazing from a roof is similar to the sleeping under the stars, but just as exciting!

Bucket LIst Bonfire

I’ll publish my letter in my next post! Be sure to stay tuned so you can read it!

I love having bonfire’s, and I really want to have one with my friends before I move this summer.

Bucket List Fireflies

I know that this is super whimsical, but almost every summer my family and I try to catch fireflies…They’re just so beautiful!

Bucket List Balloons

This one, again, is to satisfy the whimsical wishings of my heart!

That’s it! My 2018 Bucket List! Don’t forget to comment below some things on YOUR 2018 Bucket List

Thanks for reading guys, and I can’t wait to go on an adventure together,


18 thoughts on “My 2018 Bucket List

      1. Oh, I see what you mean! I reblogged your post and was being silly saying β€œIdeas…?” Like maybe that would be an idea for you, and the comment on the rev log went here! Lol.

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  1. I need to do the library book one! πŸ˜„ But I’d use sticky notes, and put notes on pages that I like (or my own sarcastic comebacks to things the characters say πŸ˜‰).

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