Merry Christmas

Hey y’all!

I wasn’t going to post this late, but somehow the day got away from me. I know most of you are done celebrating and, if you are like me, are cuddling up and drinking hot cocoa.

What I did this Christmas:

6:00 My siblings wake me up because I’ve “Been Sleeping too long” and drag me downstairs to open up stockings that have mysteriously been filled overnight by Santa (And yes, I do know Santa’s secret identity) After opening stockings we kind of just curl up in blankets for a while and procrastinate moving at all.

7:00 Eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. These are the literal best, and yes, I am planning on posting the recipe soon. How could I not? My family’s secret ingredient: Apples. You MUST have apples on the bottom of your pan, because then they taste like apple pies!!!

8:00 We’re all stuffed with sweet sugary goodness so we head back over to the living room, and I start to pass out the presents from under the tree. Have I mentioned that I have 4 siblings?  We have such a mound of presents that we take a break at 10:00 and then come back for more. (my mom likes to watch us each open up each present.)

10:00 We take a break from presents and I go upstairs and curl up in my new electric blanket while my siblings play with their new toys

11:00 We head back to the tree and start opening the presents from the much much smaller pile. All my siblings LOVED their presents and I enjoyed laughing at all of mine. I got a lot of clothes, which I plan to do a post on at some point. They are all gorgeous and most of them are also hilarious…

12:00 We are all hungry again so we start eating some of our candy from our stockings and along with some leftovers from the Christmas Eve dinner.

1:00 My sisters got the Lego Friends Hospital set so I helped them build that and cried because of how long it took

3:00 Hot chocolate anyone?

4:00 Okay so now I’m exhausted but refuse to admit it. We FaceTime with some of the relatives and I cringe at how messy my hair is but make no move to fix it (Anyone else feeling me)

5:00 I go up to my room and lay on my bed for a while before coming back down to the table for some dinner. We eat leftovers from the night before, along with the yummy yummy pies

6:00 We are all stuffed and so sit on the couch and watch the best movie ever: Elf!!! This movie is the best Christmas movie ever. You can tell how much I love it by the fact that I am cringing every time Buddy the Elf does something incredibly supid

9:00 Work on my next post

10:00 Decide to write this post

10:13 Publish the AMAZING CHRISTMAS POST!!!

Merry Christmas,

Noel White

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. My Christmas is also pretty nuts 😂 I have 2 older sisters, and 4 younger sisters, so there’s 7 of us. The youngest (3 years old) tends to just throw the wrapping paper everywhere after it’s off her gifts, so one of us is always grabbing the used paper from around the room. 😂 We usually have home-made cinnamon rolls as well, but for some reason, ours didn’t rise this year? Because we go to the Christmas Midnight Mass (I’m in the choir at my Church; the practice started at 10, the caroling started at 11:15, at 11:45 the baby was placed in the manger, and Mass started at 12:00, exactly on Christmas. So I got to bed by 3 in the morning) so we sleep later. Last year, I got to sleep until 8, but I’m sleeping upstairs on our reclining chair for my collarbone, and my youngest sister woke me up at 7. 😆 It was all right in the end, though, because I got to read more of Harry Potter. 😉

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