Falling, Tripping, Dying: An Original Poem

This poem is about me, or about anyone, when they first fall in love. It’s like they’re falling but they don’t want to stop, even when they hit rock bottom and feel the pain, they still want it to go on.

Engagement, Couple, Romance, Bike

I keep falling

Head over heels for you

It keeps happening

Again and again and

There’s nothing I can do

Couple, Bride, Love, Wedding, Bench

I keep tripping

Over my thoughts of you

And I’m still running,

Reaching and reaching

Reaching out to you

Canola, Couple, Field, Sunset, In Love

I keep dying

Day after day for you

And I’m still trying

Trying and trying

Trying to have you.


Thanks for reading my little random thoughts, and please comment below what you were like when you first fell in love.

Noel White

5 thoughts on “Falling, Tripping, Dying: An Original Poem

  1. I thought this was gonna be about someone tripping over something, having a fall, and dying, and I was about to laugh SO. HARD. XDD Ahem. Anyway. BEAUTIFUL poem, Noel! That’s so sweet and sad. ❤

    I love your blog; I just followed! Keep up the awesome work.



    1. Thanks so much Madi! I guess the title is a little misleading….I’d never thought of it like that before!
      Thanks so much for following me! Know that comments and feedback are always welcome. I love hearing from my readers!

      Liked by 1 person

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